Thursday, July 18, 2013

Why Dell PCs are the Most Secure Choice for Your Business

When deciding what kind of desktops and laptops will best suit the needs of your workers, and protect the security of your corporate information, Dell helps you find the perfect balance between an easily collaborative working experience and impressive data security. Dell desktops and laptops provide a truly win-win scenario for your organization.

Dell takes data protection to the next level, offering comprehensive encryption, advanced authentication and cutting-edge malware prevention on Dell Precision workstations, Dell Optiplex desktops and Dell Latitude laptops and tablets. Some of the many data protection features offered by Dell laptops and desktops include fingerprint readers, single sign-on solutions, pre-boot authentication and Trusted Platform Module (TPM), and full disk encryption.

All of the data protection features offered by Dell desktops and laptops come as part of Dell Data Protection (DDP) solutions. The recent de3velopment of DDP | Protected Workspace within DDP solutions expands on their capabilities.  This new addition to the portfolio is powered by Invincea technology and can be used to protect data and users from targeted attacks as a sophisticated new approach to malware protection.

DDP | Protected Workspace protects users by placing them in a protected environment whenever they encounter un-trusted files on the Internet and through email. As a result, DDP | Protected Workspace protects users against cyber attacks. And to provide additional incentive to businesses considering new desktops, laptops or workstations, a one-year subscription to this software is included on Dell Precision, Latitude and Optiplex products.

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